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Art for Charity

Artists are often called upon to help raise money for various causes. In the past I felt that giving away my art was counterintuitive. As artists we often struggle with our financial obligations and I had to wonder why would we ever give our work and our talent away? Artists pay for everything: Supplies, frames, photos of our work, show entry fees, group entry fees, self promotion, mailings, shipping, insurance, transporting, etc. 

Over the years my thoughts about donating art have changed. I now see it as a way to connect with people and to gain a bit of extra exposure in the community. At least it is an opportunity to help those organizations that need extra help to survive.

The first project of this nature that I did was a "Beasty Beat" critter for the Milwaukee Orchestra's Youth Education fund. First there was a contest whereby three of my designs were submitted for consideration by a committee. There was a theme that we had to abide by celebrating music in our lives. I presented, "Laid Back Bach", "Boogey Woogie Bugle Beasty," and  "Fire In the Sky" to do with the sounds of fireworks exploding. Milwaukee has fireworks almost every weekend in the summer. It was a stretch I know but it did get me into the game. None of these ideas were used. What I had to do was come up with a design for one of the sponsors, Channel 12 News, WISN. They were celebrating their 50th anniversary and did not know what they wanted on their Beasty but they had decided to use their old theme song, "Hello Milwaukee", as the tie in to the musical theme.

While the other artists had three months to work on their Beasties I had only three weeks due to their inability to decide what to do. I was used to short deadlines and happy to be given the challenge!

Hello Milwaukee!

When it was finished it sat on the corner of Water and State Streets for the summer after which it was auctioned off for $5000. Each artist did get the money needed to create their Beasty and the thrill of it all!

I have recently completed two forks for "Meals on Wheels". These will be auctioned on June 22 at Christopher Gardens, Sheboygan, WI at the "June A Palooza". There is a fee to attend. Tickets can be purchased through Meals on Wheels and cost $100 per person.

The first fork is titled, "Azteknical As It Gets" and was designed to honor the Aztec Fire Dancers that will be performing that day. It is cut from steel and stands 5ft tall. It can be attached to a garden stake or to the wall.

The second fork is titled, "Have You Seen My Fork?" and stands 3ft tall. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add yet another parody to the Grant Wood painting "American Gothic". This was a lot of fun and I will let you know the results after June 22, 2013.

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