The Short of It:  Learning 

Born - Phillips, WI, Graduated Prentice High School

BFA, Independent Film - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Additional Study:

Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee Art Museum,

James Prohl Studio, Kenn Kwint Studio



Manager Audiovisual Communications, Columbia Hospital MKE

President /Chair of Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors (State / SE Chapter)

Owner Operator, Vanguard Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

Owner Operator, Media Gratification, Milwaukee, WI

Fine Artist, Artensoul Studio, Sheboygan, WI

Director, Marketing/Communications, Sheboygan Visual Artists, Inc.

Special Projects Manager, Sheboygan Visual Artists, Inc.


Art Shows and Exhibitions:

University of WI  - Fine Arts Gallery - Milwaukee

Lawrence University - Fine Arts Gallery - Appleton

Anderson Art Center - Kenosha

Neville Museum-Green Bay, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Lakefront Festival of the Arts - Milwaukee, WI

"Beasty Beat" Artist - representing WISN, Ch 12, Milwaukee

Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, Fond du Lac, WI

Plymouth Art Center, Plymouth, WI

Two Fish Gallery, Elkhart Lake, WI

EBCO Artworks, Sheboygan, WI

UW-Sheboygan, WI Solo

Bradley Gallery, Lakeland University, WI Solo

The WAG (William Weidner Gallery) Sheboygan, WI 53083

(contact me for a complete list)



The Long of it:  Becoming a Visual Artist

I started making art early in life and continue to find it comforting. I enjoy learning new approaches and exploring various media. My personal favorite to date is mixed media with metal.


Mostly I make art for the joy of creating - it seldom fails to challenge my subconscious to show itself.  Often I have felt like a slave to the work. I'll begin in one direction and the work itself leads me in another. It is as if the art is in control and I'm a vehicle for its expression. While I am able to set myself to the task of rendering, I prefer a more free-flowing experience in creative endeavors.


Art making will take me places I've never gone before and in so doing, gives rise to layers of emotion. In the end, I hope those viewing my work will experience some of the feelings that arose during the process.


When my heart is lifted and my eyelids relax, I know the piece is complete it doesn't need me anymore.

It is its own entity. All that remains to do is celebrate it. 



Peg Haubert

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